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May. 9th, 2008

I suppose cake would be very appetizing right about now.
So Devit's left, then... Road, are you still here?

This City gets more boring by the day. Really, now. Is there nothing interesting to do around here?
Looks like I ran out of cash again...

Oooiiiii, anyone here nice enough to treat a poor bloke to lunch? Kindness pays and all that, eh?

Mar. 14th, 2008

Dull, boring. And yet there are so many things worth taking note of in here. Noah are not immortal, you know. But perhaps we might as well be, because of the blood that runs in our veins.

Are we superior? Who knows? Why do I kill? Do you want to find out?
Is the City normally supposed to be this filled at this time?
Looks like I missed a very colorful curse day again; had a few cards dropped in, but none of them were all that important, anyway. Not too many were very revealing about most of you all, were they?

Road, Devit. This apartment's too small. We're getting another one. Either that, or one of you has to move out; get the apartment beside mine, or something.

Astounding drinking skills there, April. One day we ought to do that again.
Well now, boy, that should teach you not to be all that arrogant next time, hm?

Tsk, Now you've gone and gotten my gloves dirty.

[[ooc: Tyki killed Gilgamesh during their meeting this afternoon, a little late, but yes |D]]

[Blanc] -002-

Hmmmm~I could've sworn that I put some coins in here, where could they have gone...

Ah, well! Looks like this City's been bustling with mighty interesting events while I was Underground, eh?

Say, anyone fancy a game or two of cards and the like? A man's gotta eat, and I promise I won't clean any of ya out too thoroughly. Now, to find me a useful jacket...

[[ooc: So. The hobo is wandering the City again. User-handle is alternate from the usual. Commentlog for people who want to play/speak with/laugh/wtf at him, and journal for the rest.]]

Jan. 19th, 2008


I'm made of stuffing.

Jan. 16th, 2008

Seems like there's an interesting curse going around these days. It does put a whole new meaning to 'walking in another shoes'.

What a terrible error in judgment you've committed, Greed. They're treating you well, I hope? It must be tiresome, not being able to leave captivity so easily.

[Private to Family//Hard to Hack]]

Road, Devit, it looks like there's something very interesting worth looking into. That should take care of boredom for a little while.